Bitcoin -20.97
$8,066.63 -0.26%
Ethereum -0.71
$252.12 -0.28%
Zcash -1.32
$72.30 -1.83%
Monero 0.09
$86.95 0.1%
Tether 0.00
$1.01 -0.3%
Stellar 0.00
$0.13 -1.68%
Eco-Friendly and Layered Economy
Token sale is active until 2019/06/28
Goal: 30,000,000 BTR
Website Whitepaper

The architecture of Bither is designed to minimize the computational resources required for safeguarding the network.  In this way, Bither provides PoW consensus mechanism with a more efficient framework. One of the Bither’s features is the merged mining, this is a powerful incentive to draw more miners to Bither’s network. Miners would be able to mine all customized tokens located on the second layer, not just the main coin (BTR). Bither Platform benefits from a more efficient, flexible, modular-based and user-friendly set of features that even currently-existing blockchains with a second layer solution do not. As an example, in Bither, users can add a third layer to their network located in the second layer. Such a feature makes them able to define multiple tokens and make their project better structured. To conclude, the Bither platform while providing all the features of current blockchains such as protecting the network with PoW, tokenization and smart contracts

Pre ICO – 23rd Mar 2019 – 5th Apr 2019
ICO         – 20th Apr 2019 – 28th June 2019
Restricted Countries –


Pros –

  • Project has strong team behind it.
  • Bither has strong social media presence except facebook.
  • Team can be verified from their linked In profile.

Cons –

  • Bither don’t have any MVP or prototype as of now.

Fact and figures from Georgia based ICOs

As per above mentioned picture, 18 ICOs were located in Georgia, when we did research for those ICOs, we found that none of ICOs Token listed of any of the exchanges except Etherdelta or forkdelta.
here we are not criticize any of the ICOs, we just want to to show facts about Past ICOs from Georgia.
Note – Bither is having potential, we have read their Whitepaper and it was very good explained about project and product. They clearly mentioned that how bither gonna be benefited our economy .

Token Sale: 23 March — 28 June
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