IOVO Project

IOVO build platform for secure our data through blockchain technology

Data and freedom

With the using of decentralized technology into the system people get freedom and security to their stored data. IOVO is designed to allow individual and entities to manage personal data and its monetization.

Internet of value Omniledger is a next-generation blockchain dedicated to personal data ownership and managment 


The return of human value

IOVO is directed acyclic graph (DAG) provide fully transparent data collecting, storage and management system as value for humans

Our Analysis

In this analysis you will be able to find team analysis, product analysis, future scope and social media analytics ( Twitter analytics using R studio through sentiment analysis and wordcloud )

Team analysis

While we looked into the team LinkedIn profiles, everyone has LinkedIn profile but we find most of the team members have not updated IOVO as experience in the profile. it looks strange.

 Team Features

Team looks highly experienced with strong background in corporate world.

They have allocated work like individual has different work to do. it improves the work efficiency.


Project is really promising so team members can look into their profile and update it properly so investors can’t have doubt in their mind.  


Product analysis

Data security

IOVO’s primary functions are to collect, store and secure user data shared with application built upon the IOVO DAG. data can’t be access by someone without having permission from original user. if original user agree to share data than another user will has access to the data  . 

IOVO provide many types of service to the end users/entities.

Data wallet and access to the IOVO network

Data ownership

Data monetization

big data access to complete work

Data research and analysis

secure data storage and unmodifiable history 



Social media analytics

While we look into social media profiles of the IOVO project. It has presence on major social media channels. But we found IOVO don’t have any activity on Facebook after November 17th 2018. On the other hand project has good amount of followers on twitter as well as Facebook. 

We have taken all tweets which is having @iovoledger in the content. total counts of tweet is 941 in numbers, from these tweets we find most commonly used words i.e. data, iovo, value, decentralized, omnilegder etc.. 


Wordcloud is mostly use to identify those words which are mostly used by people regarding particular project. It also tells us about the vision and objective of the company.

Here sentiment analysis of given tweets content, It has taken 10 types of emotion tone of tweets done by people. we can easily see that IOVO has highest positive score and trust with negligible negative score.


It provide information about the popularity of the project.As we know now a days fake followers are quite common in ICOs but we find iovo has real followers, whose also tweeted about project 941 times with mentioned @iovoledger in their tweets.

Thanks for reading our brief review

it is just a brief quick overview of the project. we also offer detailed review of the project.


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