Bitcoin -81.82
$5,454.36 -1.5%
Ethereum -3.81
$165.79 -2.3%
Zcash -0.82
$66.21 -1.24%
Monero -1.50
$67.41 -2.23%
Tether 0.00
$1.01 -0.25%
Stellar 0.00
$0.10 -4.76%

Rating Methodology

In This Method we generally consider the popularity of the project, Team and Product.

  • Consider Social media activities, Followers and comments.
  • Team connections and activities on Linked In.
  • Website traffic per day

Note – Hype score is having more weight as compared to other scores.

In Cryptocurrency risk is always involved. In this rate we consider that

  • Where the project from.
  • What are the economic conditions in the particular country.
  • Has Crypto regulated in the country.
  • Comparison between competitors.
  • Product Evaluation

We as a research agency would like to give score as per project performance. It is considered

  • Overall Social media performance.
  • Team performance, experience and profiles.
  • Weighted average of all rating score
  • Our expert overview for project
  • Whitepaper analysis
  • Twitter analytics (sentiment analysis )
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